Three Reasons to Explore the Beauty of Santorini Via a Yacht Charter

It is safe to say that there are few islands in the Mediterranean that rival the beauty of Santorini. Part of Greece’s Cyclades Island group, the island’s location, amenities and natural beauty make it a dream yacht charter destination. From its variety of unique beaches to its stunning whitewashed villages and mesmerizing geological sites, a Santorini yacht charter ensures you have complete access to everything the island offers. If you’ve been thinking about where you want to go for your next holiday, we share our top three reasons why you should visit Santorini via a charter yacht this season:

Natural Beauty Abound

Santorini is known for its diverse, beautiful landscapes, from pebble beaches to black sand coves and natural springs. One of the island’s most awe-inspiring and captivating beaches is Red Beach. The result of ancient volcanic activity, this beach consists of black and red pebbles and sands of various tones of red. One of the best ways to fully appreciate the beauty of this beach is by taking the tender and cruising along the coastline, so you can take in the spectacular view of the caldera. Another beach with gorgeous views is White Beach. A pebbled beach with tall white cliffs and stunning views of the coast, this relatively tranquil beach makes for a perfect getaway from the busy town. The Nea Kameni hot springs are another of the island’s must-see points. The therapeutic, calming waters of springs flow from the volcanic bedrock right into the sea. Due to the high sulfur level, the water takes on a yellowish hue – but don’t let this put you off enjoying the soothing warm waters and invigorating mud baths.

Delicious Food

Like most Greek isles, Santorini is known for its delicious cuisine. Mediterranean food is arguably some of the best in the world, and Greek food is available in abundance, in many shapes and forms around the island. Encompassing everything from traditional dishes to modern fusion recipes, the variety of food on the island is impressive and flavorful. Made from high-quality, fresh ingredients, be sure to sample conventional dishes like moussaka, spanakopita, pastitsio and domatokeftethes. Seafood is also popular on the island, as much of it is caught daily. For blue crab, smoked octopus and lobster pasta, try Kapari Wine Restaurant.

Fascinating Ancient Sites


Next to its natural beauty, charming villages and delectable food, Santorini also has a rich history waiting to be explored. The island is home to several museums and ruins, as well as ancient buildings that have been preserved by the wind and sea. There are also several monasteries, ruins and churches on this island that date back to ancient times, giving you an opportunity to learn about Greek history firsthand. The alluring capital of Firá is made up of pristine whitewashed buildings built into the impressive, jagged cliffside and showcases the best of traditional Cycladic architecture. Oia, the most well-known village in Santorini, is made up of a complex of houses in winding streets, neoclassical villas and blue-domed churches next to old cave houses built by original settlers.